/ Now here, over there I

VU Hortus Botanicus – Amsterdam
Rietveld Graduation show – Amsterdam
05.2016 – 07.2016

Sand, porcelain, porcelain foam,
terra sigillata, pigments and ceramics.

This work addresses the longing for re-experiencing a landscape, the means by which we re-remember a moment and the morphing that takes place when doing so. In other words, it considers that our perception of our surroundings is not only formed by the landscape itself, but mainly through a process within our mind. What do we grasp from it and how do we unconsciously link it to our memories? How is this shaped by individual conditioning and expectations? This installation derived from a particular experience we had within a landscape last year; this was one of the first moments for us that unexpectedly felt free of expectations, meaning and connotations, and it was precisely this “non-ness” that made it all the more meaningful.

Through the representation of this landscape we do not long to recreate the exact location, we long for the way this space influenced our state of mind and being, to consider this interplay between context and subject. Our efforts to capture this experience attempts to re-live this moment, but with the adding of intentions comes a layer of expectations, and thus results in the reversed effect of this original encounter. The re-creating, re-visiting, re-membering and re-presenting of the memory produces a new landscape. Prior to this presentation, we placed the sculptures into a perhaps more fitting context, the botanical garden of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where the artificially created landscape was shown in a custom made glasshouse.