/ Land-Ally – non-site representation

Land-Ally exhibitions and non-site representation

Vimeo link 5 short graduation films 05/06/2022

DAE graduation show 22-30/10/2022
Dutch Design week 

“The power of Collaboration” 15/09 – 15/10/2022
NDSM-Treehouse Amsterdam

Feature length Documentary ( in development )  ( Project website )

Land-Ally is a land-based project rooted in the idea of forming a relationship with a community of natural entities: plants, animals, soil, water, insects, fungi, etc. The project non-site representation takes the actual project into a different context by showing its underlying ideas through drawings, the physical outcome in photos, or the conversational processes and evolution in film.

You can view the 5 gradation video's through the Vimeo link in the left side column.