/ Land-Ally – land and objects

Land-Ally foundation land – Eindhoven Master Social Design graduation project, DAE, ( cum laude ) 2022 03.2022 – 11.2022

Oak, galvanised steel, aluminium, wool, glass. Zuring, seends by Biodivers, Sheep by Kempisch Heideschaap.  ( Project website )

Land-Ally is a participatory nature reserve: a space for interspecies collaboration between people, plants and animals. The aim is to restore the site -an acre just outside of Eindhoven- from its former agricultural use by forming an alliance with the species on the land increase their wellbeing. The project challenges notions of ownership, utility, and human centric value quantification in relation to nature in the Netherlands. It poses land-Allyship as an alternative attitude to rewidening and stewardship.

To practice Land-Allyship, Marte Mei created objects to collaborate with animals and plants which are placed on the land and activated during care routines. The land is open to the public for a maximum of 8 people simultaneously. You can enter without an appointment, the portal is recognizable by the willow arches, where one can leave their shoes and phone behind and step over the threshold to become part of the land community. Visitors can sign up for care activities to experience a connection with nature by taking care of it hands-on.