Companion Species Cabinet

WOODLAND – Shloss Hollenegg for Design
04.05.2024  – 29.05.2024

Pine, Beech, Ceramics: glazed with beech and pine ash. 

Studio van der Zee – woodwork 
Alice Stori Liechtenstein– curator
Dutch Invertuals – co-organizier 


Companion species cabinet is a puzzle made from beech, pine and ceramics. The ceramics are glazed with wood ash from the same two tree species. The green tones come from the different regions the trees have grown, as they are a result of the nutrients the tree has absorbed. Beech and Pine are companion species: they thrive when growing side by side. The work imagines the human as a potential third companion species, as it investigates the power dynamics, as well as mutually beneficial relationships, between trees and their caretakers in a production forest. The modularity of the ceramic pieces emphasises how design choices impact the landscape indirectly, using whatever wood is the result from healthy diverse forest.