/ Collaboration: Charlotte Chesnais

Charlotte Chesnais – Collaboration

CC stores St. Germain and Algers.
27.05.2024  – 03.09.2024

Carmen Amsterdam
27.05.2024  – 02.07.2024

Ceramics: glazed with beech and pine ash.
Jewelerry: Marte Mei + Charlotte Chesnais
Glass: with Gert Bullee at Glassmueum Leerdam
Metal: Otakar Zwartjes 

Charlotte Chesnais, a renowned French jewellery brand, and Marte Mei have collaboration several projects in 2024 including a limited edition of jewellery, store design and set design for a campaign. Limited Edition Jewellery: This series of ceramic mini sculptures, glazed with wood-ash in Marte's kiln in Amsterdam, offers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. These modular ceramic beads are created for endless customisation, allowing them to be mixed, interchanged, and reorganised. Store from installation: Each store in Paris and the pop up in Amsterdam at Carmen featured multiple glass and metal works, adapted from the work Will Water Want as seen in Marte's portfolio. The Paris store's are designed by Ane Holtrop. Campaign: Shot By Charlotte Souventot, the campaign featured both designers Charlotte and Marte, alongside Marte's prop design with large and small glass sculptures.