Designing an environment, through allyship with nature.

Marte Mei makes work about the dynamics between humans and nature. “When is something artificially created and when is it naturally grown?”.  Reformulating the role of humans within the ecosystem through her site-specific installations, land-based projects, and spatial design in the form of interiors and public space.

Her work is an invitation to participation and co-creation, both through the influence of non-human collaborators as well as the engagement of the audience. She organises workshops to be part of the work hands-on or creates scenario’s where fungi, plants, or animals become the creator within the circumstances she build. In her spatial and interior design projects she works with the repurposing of Earth’s precious materials and thinks about the way space impacts behaviour and habits.

Marte is part of the art duo Max/Mei. They are both expanding their work beyond the field of art and moving towards landscape architecture and social design.

She is currently focussing on the Land-Ally foundation as well as design collaborations and commissions within the field of interior and fashion rooted in the concept of forming an alliance with nature.

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Instagram: @marte_mei_makes