Marte Mei’s design practice is centred around allyship with nature. Her objects are a direct dialogue with the environment and materials in it.
She creates custom-made interiors and furniture based on the local surroundings. Her site-specific approach into materials and crafts result in personally sculpted pieces and interiors that aim to connect a person to their local environment. Viewing materials as part of an ecosystem, a cycle, to which they once belonged and one day may one day return. Marte Mei formulated a methodology called “Land-Allyship”, with guiding principles and steps that can be applied in site-specific design and architecture projects.

Marte Mei is the founder of the Land-Ally Foundation, focussing on large interdisciplinary collaborations around nature in public spaces.

For any questions feel free to reach out by email:  Instagram: @marte_mei_makes


Land-Allyship Methodology: