Copyright - Marte Mei - 2015

" direction weave'15 "

Inspired by the collaboration of print and fabric I created this work.
A company that used a lot of discharge visited our academy and gave us the assignment to create a textile.
The technique of discharge means that you remove something that has been added before, a layer of paint, creating a depth in the print.
I wanted to do the same but removing parts fabric i created instead using ausbrenner.
Having a 1+1 = 3 effect .
The weave i created contains equal silk and cotton strokes, crossing at several points.
Sometimes the warp is silk and the weft cotton, sometimes the other way around.
Printing these 50/50 spots would leave different results, either horizontal or vertical, playing with the interaction of the ausbrenner with the material.

overview of my research in steps.
first row testing cotton&wool on a hand-loom with scattered print.
second row testing cotton&silk with round print.
third row testing more treads cotton&silk with round print.
loom process